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Software R&D Services

Reach new heights for your business with our software development consulting services. Whether you're looking to improve operational efficiency, close technological gaps, or stay ahead of the competition, our team of experts will work closely with you to understand your unique needs and develop a comprehensive development and growth strategy.

Strategy & Growth Consulting

Kendoo helps you achieve business success with expert software strategy and scale consultants who are keen to help you optimize your software development technologies and workflows toward growth and scalability.

Web Development

Elevate your online presence with our web development services. Kendoo specializes in creating tailor-made, responsive, and user-friendly web applications, leaning on a wide knowledge of legacy and modern technologies such as Java, .Net, PHP, NodeJS, React, Angular and Vue.

IoT Development

Kendoo helps with designing and building IoT (Internet of Things) applications and controllers using Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and other platforms to help you stay ahead of the curve.

Software Architecture

Ensure the longevity and scalability of your software with our team of software architects. Kendoo helps startups and organizations build and implement robust, efficient, and maintainable software architecture for the long run.

Mobile Applications

Get ahead in the mobile space with our mobile app development services. Kendoo provides mobile development services and specializes in building cross-platform mobile apps using technologies like iOS, Android, React Native, Kotlin, Flutter, Ionic and more.

API Development

Streamline your business operations with our API software development services. Our team of experts specializes in developing REST, gRPC, and GraphQL APIs that will help you easily connect your systems, applications and services.

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Amir Habib, Founder & CTO

Amir is a software development consultant with a long record of experience as a software developer and architect. Amir specializes in helping startups and organizations transition to cloud computing and microservices architecture.

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