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UX/UI Services

Kendoo's team of experts with over 20 years of experience offers top-notch UX/UI consulting services. They can help you create user-centered designs that enhance your customers' satisfaction and boost your business's success.

Strategy & Brainstorming

Kendoo helps designers and product owners to develop a seamless cross-channel experience for their products or services. Additionally. Our experts are certified Google Sprint Masters and can facilitate Design Sprint workshops.

Product Design

Our design approach aims to create products and services that fulfill users' needs, align with their workflows, and provide an enjoyable experience. We work closely with product managers and decision-makers to deliver tailored wireframes, prototypes, functional demos, or detailed specifications.

Workflow Analysis

Kendoo offers comprehensive problem-definition services to ensure a thorough understanding of your needs before designing a solution. Our analysis of users' workflows and usage scenarios provides essential guidance for the experience design phase, resulting in effective and user-centered solutions.

Design Evaluation

Whether you need a quick and concise heuristic evaluation or comprehensive usability testing, we've got you covered. Our evaluation of your existing interface or prototype will identify any usability issues, and provide recommended solutions.

Visual Design

Excellent visual design is crucial to creating a great user experience, and we ensure it's executed by top-tier professionals. Through established relationships with leading visual designers, we offer the "full package" of design services, including oversight of their work and deliverables. 

Specification Documents

Kendoo creates a comprehensive guide for your designers, developers, and stakeholders. With clear and concise language, we outline project goals, requirements, and technical details, ensuring a shared understanding of the project's scope and objectives.

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Shay Ben-Barak, UX/UI Expert and Consultant 

Shay Ben-Barak is a senior UX expert with two decades of experience designing complex systems and meaningful artifacts for companies like Intel and Samsung. Shay is a Google-certified Design Sprint Master, and he holds a B.Sc in Industrial Engineering and Management and an M.Sc in Cognitive Engineering from the Technion.

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